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Kitchen Refresh: Modern Farmhouse Renovation

November is here, and with it, brings cozy sweaters, autumn leaves, and the hustle of the holidays. This season is a busy one for us...and our kitchens!

So, when it comes creating a functional, stress-free, and organized kitchen. What's the essentials?

Senior designer, Erika Barczak and Wamhoff Design-Build tackled this quandary with their latest Modern Farmhouse Renovation. They transformed this dark and dated 1970s kitchen with a fresh open-floor plan: complete with spacious work zones and secondary 'dirty kitchen' (aka working pantry).

As seen above: The renovation included removing walls between the kitchen, dining room, and living room to open up the home and let in to more natural light. The dining room was repurposed completely, utilizing it's valuable sq. footage for a new office, expanding the kitchen's footprint, and adding on a large walk-in pantry.

The updated kitchen is crafted with a lovely blend of modern and rustic design elements. It fresh Modern Farmhouse look is a bold contrast of crisp white with dramatic black. Hints of gold, brass, and matte black appliances give a edgy touch to the weathered brick backsplash, exposed beams, and distressed wooden vent hood. Extra storage and a larger workspace are essential for a functional kitchen; thus additional cabinets, drawers, counter space, and longer island were added to increase efficiency and utilize the extra space created by expanding the previous 1970s layout.

The 'dirty kitchen' was a new addition to the home. Its design is crafted with glossy black tile, white cabinets, and wooden floating shelves for added storage. This walk-in pantry doubles as a secondary kitchen and prep station for the homeowner, complete with a full-size oven, microwave, sink, and dishwasher.

The updated kitchen and pantry area perfectly blends form and function! It was transformed into a larger, efficient, and multifunctional area for the homeowner to cook, clean, and entertain.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching...having the essentials of a larger work area, secondary storage, and additional cooking / prep areas will make this year's holiday festivities a little less stressful!

So bring on the Thanksgiving Feast - this Modern Farmhouse Kitchen is prepped and ready to take on all the turkey, side dishes and desserts.

From our kitchen to yours, we wish you all a happy and stress-free Thanksgiving!


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Aug 29, 2023


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