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Spanish Revival in Bentwater

In a time where traveling is not as convenient, this Bentwater custom home transports you abroad. Nestled on a private man-made island off of Lake Conroe, it's unique floorplan is enriched with the ornate and detailed architecture of the Spanish Revival movement.

What is Spanish Revival Interior Design?

The term Spanish Revival was coined to describe homes that were built in the early 20th century, heavily influenced by the prior Spanish Colonial architecture. It is an romantic blend of Mediterranean and Spanish design elements that radiate a warm, casual and inviting feeling throughout the home.

The characteristics of Spanish Revival-Inspired interior design:

  • Stucco exteriors, thick walls, and tile roofs

  • Neutral color palettes with accents of vivid colors and patterns

  • Elaborate doorways. Often decorated intricate carvings and iron grillwork

  • White walls with open arched hallways

  • Ornate iron scroll work, unpolished stone, and mosaic tiles

  • Wrought iron lanterns, hardware and accents on doors, windows and railings

  • Exposed support beams, weathered hardwood floors and raw edge open-shelving.

  • Inner courtyards. Common among early Spanish Colonial homes, they offered a cooler outdoor area for cooking and informal family gatherings.

Inspiration takes shape:

Inspired by the homeowners love for travel, specifically to Southern parts of Spain. Senior designer, Ayca Stiffel, filled this Bentwater custom home with Spanish Revival flair! Each selection embodies the beautiful Spanish and Mediterranean cultures by incorporating natural stone, textural tiles, decorative doors, lanterns, and rustic, iron and aged design elements...creating a welcoming, personalized and transformative home.

Take a tour Ayca's stunning Lake Conroe design:

We love an opportunity to work with our client's on a 'outside the box' design! This Bentwater Spanish Revival home involved a bit of research: carefully selecting the materials, colors, prints, and designing a floor plan that was accurate to the historical Spanish Colonial architecture...with a modern twist.

So, Spanish Revival Interior Design. Are you a fan? Comment your thoughts below!

Then, stay tuned for more project reveals. We have some exciting projects wrapping up this Fall!


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Unknown member
Sep 07, 2021

It's beautiful!!!! :) <3

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