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Let's Talk Pink: Design tips for adding pink to your home.

There is no hiding from Pink this Summer...It is truly everywhere! With the premiere of The Barbie Movie (out Friday, June 21th. Who's excited?) the soft red hue is coating the masses from clothing, beauty, food, to interiors. So, aside from the Barbie craze, what makes this color so lovable?

The era of Pink.

Pink can be polarizing, some either love it or hate it. Us? Well, we love it of course! This happy hue symbolizes joy, love, playfulness, femininity, and positivity; with shades ranging from soft blush and pastels to vibrant, rich, and flirty. Its diversity allows it to be used in several settings within a home. The limits go as far as your creativity...have fun with it! After all, that is what pink is all about.

Thus, as chameleons of color, we adapt to the design style of our clients while seeking out unique and innovative ways to liven up a space. At times, this calls for PINK!

A Hot Pink game and media room for a girl's playroom design. Interior design consists of pink bench and seating nook with orange, grey and yellow pillows.
A bold 'Flamingo Pink' was used in this preteen's lounge.

On that note: We surveyed our designers for tips and some 'pink-spiration' on how they like to utilize Pink in a room.

Senior Designer, Ashton Joseph is our very own 'Barbie.' When we think of Pink, we think of Ashton. She shares, "Pink makes me happy! It has so many variations that can accommodate to our clients personality and space. I love to utilize it in wall applications, accent furniture pieces, and accessories to bring in a touch of elegant comfort!"

A bold hot pink game room for teen girls. The interior design consists of a hot pink reading/ bench and window seat with grey sofa, geometric rug and pink ottomans. Houston designer is By Design Interiors

Jessica Salinas, Lead Designer, shares a similar love for pink! Saying, "I'm a lover of pink because of its flesh undertones. A pink room will make anybody's skin look's great for bathrooms! If it was up to me, the bolder pink the better! I love the idea of using it on ceilings or as a fun touch for a dressing room/ closet."

This concept is seen in Jessica's design presentation below.

By Design Interiors design presentation with pink inspiration for a blush pink ceiling and walls in a closet design.

Owner & Principal Designer, Peggy Fuller, wisely uses pink as a 'punctuation' to a room. She shares, "Pink can soften a room that may lean on the masculine side. I have used shades of pink-raspberry in a master bedroom where 'men's wear fabrics' were used. It created a balance, while adding a little 'surprise' to the room - My clients loved it."

From youthful to glam, pink is found throughout these girl bedroom designs.

Lead Designer, Amy Ervin, shares "Within design, I look to use pink as an accent color in drapery or artwork, along ceilings or smaller accent walls. It's fun to pair a soft pink with orange hues or hot pinks against neutrals. Personally, I love shades of pink on the opposing ends of the spectrum: a pale blush and a vibrant fuchsia are my favorites."

Hints of pink are added with art, accent pillows, and fabrics.

Lastly, is our 'Monochromatic Maven,' Senior Interior Designer, Ayca Stiffel. She admits that pink isn’t a color that she gravitates to. Ayca says, "Pink is project and client specific, and if the design called for it, I would probably only use it sparingly as an accent color, or in a child’s room."

(Hey, pink isn't for everyone...)

Below is an example of how Ayca incorporated a 'touch' of pink within her Modern Memorial Renovation.

A gray paneled wall along an entry way of Houston Texas Memorial renovation by By Design Interiors. Has a bench with a hot pink cushion, accent pillows and light French oak flooring. stair case leads to upstairs

As interior designers, pink is fun. It is a color when used strategically can bring a bold, joyful surprise to your home. So when it comes to pink, are you Ashton or Ayca...Do you "love it" or "meh, could do without"?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Until next time, Bye Barbie!


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