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Interior Design Trends: HPMKT 2023

Updated: May 6

In April, a trio of our By Design Interiors team took on High Point Market to explore the newest interior design trends and collections for the upcoming year. It was a jammed-packed four days of soaking in all the latest and greatest in design (oh, and lots of walking)!

Designers, Amy Ervin and Michala Burns (seen above) joined BDI's owner & principal designer, Peggy Fuller, for their first trip to High Point Market...and it was definitely one to remember!


A little context: High Point Market (HPMKT) takes place in High Point, NC every April and October. This is where new collections of furniture, fabric, and lighting, etc. are launched and available for designers to view, test out, and potentially purchase for projects. The small town of High Point, NC completely transforms to host this international design event! It truly takes over this town; becoming a hub for all things interior design. It is so inspiring, educational, and we look forward to attending every year!


This Spring, the BDI team socked it all up and has come back with new inspiration for their upcoming design projects. So, after a little 'creative reflection', here is a few of our favorite trends from HPMKT!

Starting with owner & principal designer, Peggy Fuller. These are a few design trends she was happy to see:

Amy looking at large scale traditional rugs with a modern, large format print at HPMKT

Traditional Rugs...with a Twist!

There was an abundance of traditional rugs - but with a modern twist! These rugs from Feizy all had theme of large-scale patterns interwoven with vibrant, bold colors. It was a refreshing take on the more classic design.

Interior design at HPMKT. Wallpaper on in a showroom framed in Mouldings like a picture frame

Picture-framed Mouldings

I became a quick fan of wallpaper framed in mounding. As seen above, it creates a look that's similar to a picture frame. There are so many wallpapers available that truly look like pieces of artwork - So, why not treat them as so?! I loved seeing how showrooms create statement walls by framing gorgeous pieces of wallpaper.


Yes, I know. Florals for Spring...but they were everywhere. Florals are gorgeous and bring a space to life whether your using fresh florals or printed in wallcoverings, fabrics, etc. They are definitely a here to stay for 2023!

Next up, Amy Ervin is sharing a few 'head-turning' designs from her first HPMKT trip. Here's some highlights:

tri-tiered coffee table from Hooker Furniture at the HPMKT showroom

Hooker Furniture's Tiered Coffee Table

This stunning tiered coffee table from Hooker Furniture is perfection. Its simplistic design has a strong architectural form, which I love! The design pays homage to the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright's "Falling Water" home, which is a great conversation piece. Plus, the tiered/offset top allows for staging in several different ways; increasing its functionality as people gather around it.

Large-scale Mirror Installations

These large mirror installations at Eichholtz were amazing! I love the usage of mirrors as art. Installing multiple mirrors in a cluster or repetitive design brings a bold, unique impact to a room. These geometric mirrors brighten up a space and are great alternatives to traditional artwork such as paintings or photography.

Large-scale Artwork

This oversized diptych or triptych art pieces at John-Richards Collection caught my eye! If mirrors are not your thing - colorful, oversized artwork is a great option. It is one of my favorite ways for to bring in more personality to a space. Hanging up a large, bold piece of art adds color without the commitment of painting walls.

Lastly, here's a few highlights from, design assistant, Michala Burns:

Wallcovering with a European Flair

There was tons of bold patterned wallcovering at High Point. I noticed many showrooms had wallcoverings with a strong European influence; which I was immediately drawn to. These designs were so dramatic and evoked emotion. I loved the big presence they created throughout the room.

Colorful Textile Art

These textile pieces were one of my favorites from the trip. I noticed an abundance of this vibrant art throughout the market. I love it! It adds texture, warmth, and is often made with reused/recycled materials (Yay - it was so cool)!

Clustered Pendants

Ok, so sometimes more is more! I am big fan of this trend, as it allows you to get creative with different styles, sizes, shapes, and combinations of light fixtures.

Layering of mirrors on a console table at HPMKT Showroom

Layering of Mirrors

Layered mirrors has quickly become a favorite of mine! The juxtaposition creates a classic look and is a trend that I think is here to stay awhile. It allows for added depth and gives an eclectic feel to a space.


HPMKT is such an immersion of creativity and inspiration. We loved seeing all the new designs and can't wait to incorporate them into upcoming projects. Did you like any of these 2023 interior design trends?

Comment and share your favorites below. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time!



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