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When forced to wear safety gear…let’s at least make it fashion!

In the face of this pandemic, it’s important to add some joy and beauty to these uncertain times. The Corona Virus is plastered all over the web, tv, radios – with information and updates that just keep coming. Latest is the news of shortages of face masks for protecting against COVID spread.

In news of this, Lead Designer, Ayca, put her talents and creative juices to work! She decided to make face masks for her clients using discontinued Thibaut fabrics.

When fabrics are discontinued or no longer being manufactured, we often have to throw them away. It is always such a shame to get rid of these beautiful fabric samples. This was a great way to give these pretty fabrics new (and important) life! Ayca sewed them using a template she found on Pinterest, so as she continued to work on projects during this quarantine – she brought them with her to wear and give to her clients. It was a thoughtful and beautiful way to ensure that safety precautions were being taken while their project’s progress continued. Truly making beauty out of an unsettling time. I guess you could call these ‘up-cycled’ designer COVID-19 masks!

If you would like to create your own masks – check Ayca’s template here!

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