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Room for Growth: Tips for Timeless Teen Bedrooms!

A teen's bedroom can be a revolving door of new trends, colors, and patterns. Growing up, our styles change as FAST as the seasons do in Houston! Parents, how do you keep up with your teen's ever-evolving style?

Here are some quick tips for designing a bedroom that will grow as they do!

1. Invest in the ‘BIG’ purchases

Look to the future when purchasing the larger pieces of your kids’ bedroom – such as the shelves, dressers, bedframe, and nightstands. Make smart, cost-effective selections that are functional, durable, and timeless. These pieces can stay with them as they grow, even carry them off to college!

TIP: Select neutrals, such as natural woods, brown tones, grays, and whites as the foundation pieces for the room.

Keep to a simple headboard design – if upholstered – use a durable performance fabric such as Cryton or Fiberguard. It's easier to maintain, clean, and lets the bedding be the star of the room.

2. Keep Walls Simple

A good rule of thumb is to keep the walls of the room a neutral hue (such as cream, grey, soft blues, white, etc.) Just keep it simple.

If you crave color! Paint or wallpaper an accent wall or the ceiling. It adds a pop of color or print without overpowering the entire room…or having to make a major update in the future.

3. Personalize through accessories

With a foundation of quality pieces… its time to accessorize. Let their imagination run wild! Give them the freedom to pick the items that are easier to update and replace – such as bedding, throw pillows, accent chairs, and rugs.

These tips can save you a lot of money and time in the future! After all, it much easier to swop-out that 'princess-themed' bedding & pillows than a full twin-size bed they’ve outgrown. 'princess-themed' bedding & pillows than a full twin-size bed they’ve outgrown.'princess-themed' bedding & pillows than a full twin-size bed they’ve outgrown.

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