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What's New With By Design Interiors

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year. During these times of COVID and quarantining, we are especially grateful to all our wonderful clients. Thank you for allowing us to continue to do what we love: create stunning, personalized homes!

Now, as we enter the Fall season. By Design Interiors has some very exciting news to share: We are expanding!

Yes, that's right! By Design Interiors is ready to take on even more possibilities for your home, now offering luxury interior design services to the Austin, San Antonio, and San Marcos areas. More than ever, we can help you discover a home that is perfectly tailored to you.

What's New:

Two of our senior designers, Erika Barczak and Isabel Sarria, will be working locally within the Austin, San Antonio, and San Marcos areas! This designer duo will be representing BDI by servicing new and existing clients and building relationships with builders, architects, and vendors within these areas.

By Design Interiors' full-service design philosophy will continue across all locations. Offering new home constructions, renovations, and custom home consultations, as well as interior design needs, such as space planning, blueprint review, and home furnishings.

These talented ladies will be instrumental in manning this new endeavor, bringing beauty and possibilities to even more homes throughout Texas. We are so excited about the wonderful opportunities that lay ahead for our firm.

We will be sharing more updates about our move westward in the upcoming months. Be sure to follow along on Instagram for more information about By Design Interior's new chapter.

To start your process, contact us here or at 281.587.8755 to speak with one of our Houston or Austin designers.

Come “Explore the Possible” and achieve your dream home.


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