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Hello Color! Sherwin Williams Color Forecast 2020 Recap

Updated: May 29, 2020

On September 12th, Sherwin Williams introduced their Colormix® Color Forecast 2020 – and it is truly inspiring!

Sherwin Williams released 45 trend colors, curated into 5 different color palettes. These palettes were created with the purpose of bringing about “joy, serenity, and focus.” With the intention to balance the “mind, body and spirit” – Oh, the power of Color!

So, lets breakdown these 5 color palettes: Alive, Mantra, Play, Haven, and Heart.


Alive’s palette is full of rich colors. It consists of “neutrals, deep navy, and ripe olive,” that invite you into a room. They are inspired by living out your most authentic-healthiest self and being present in the little moments of life.

Image via Sherwin Williams – Click to see the colors in more detail!

All is ‘Alive’ and well in this living room! The olive, navy, and natural surfaces of this space pair perfectly – welcoming you into the space.


This spa-like color palette mixes the East and West in their soft hues. Mantra is representing the serenity of life by blending Japanese elegance with Nomadic minimalism. It consists of calming tones of ‘muted neutrals’ with peeks of gray and soft pink.

Image via Sherwin Williams – Click to see these calming colors in more detail!

This bedroom is ‘Mantra-inspired.” It is calming and elegant – mixing soft pastels, airy window treatments, and neutrals.


Here comes color! Play is crafted to be bold. It radiates joyous hues of bright pink, juneberry, gold, and blues against a pure white. This palette just brings a smile to your face and adds a little humor to life.

Image via Sherwin Williams – Click to see Play’s colors in more detail!

How fun is this playroom! Its vibrant colors of bright pink, fuchsia, and yellow POP against the pure white walls – this is exactly what ‘Play’ is all about.


Haven’s curated with “Earth’s seasonal cycles in mind.” They blend shades of sea, sand, forest, and sky in their palette. It is inspired to remind us all to take life as it comes and focus on the sustainable, simple way of life – reminding us that perfection isn’t what’s important.

Image via Sherwin Williams – Click to see Haven’s colors in more detail!

This living room lets the color do the talking – drawing from neutrals, blues, and an eye-catching mustard sectional. It is like Haven, simple yet impactful!


The last color palette focuses on the connection with others – blending earthy tones with clove and corals. It seamlessly combines the best of modern designs with bohemian vibes, creating a palette that is oh so comforting.

Image via Sherwin Williams – Click to see this harmony of colors in more detail!

The ‘earthy’ tones of Heart are present in this space. This bedroom mixes traditional pieces with some modern details such as the natural-woven bench at the base of the bed. It’s such a cozy space!

So, which Sherwin Willman’s Color Mix resonates with you?

Thank you, Sherwin Williams, for such an inspiring and thoughtful event! We look forward to mixing these color palettes into future designs. Visit Sherwin Williams for more colorful details about their 2020 Colormix® Forecast.

And be sure to check out our Portfolio for more color-inspiring spaces!

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