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Designer's Picks: Top Paint Colors to Consider for Your Home

Paint can be tricky. There's so many options...where to begin?!

Paint is an important factor in a home's overall design. It can make a statement or play supporting role - either way - it's key to select colors that tie a room together. Our designers will opt to pick paint colors right alongside the tile, hard surfaces, and flooring selections. This ensures that the design elements will compliment each other and all colors will be consistent throughout the main areas of the home.

When beginning a renovation or new construction, we create a vision through mood boards which include inspiration images, paint colors, and selection options for each room. This gives our clients a clear idea of 'what is possible' by outlining our plans for their home.

So, with so many paint options available - How do we pick the perfect color?

Through the years, our designers have curated some 'tried & true' paint colors. Designers Ashton Joseph and Jessica Salinas share a few of their favorites below:

" I like to keep a nice flow throughout the main living areas of the home with a consistent color. This is especially important when designing open-concept homes, where the family areas spill over into the kitchen and dining rooms. I usually select colors that are nice, soft neutrals to keep these spaces feeling open, airy, and inviting."

- Ashton Joseph, Senior Interior Designer

Then, when selecting colors for the master bedroom or a study, Ashton opts for more rich hues. "I love a deep grey or blue tone to add a calming, warm feel to the space. My favorites include:"


These colors are great options for creating a light, airy, and cozy design. Their neutral tones create a foundation for adding in extra accent colors, bold tiles, and stunning furnishings. So, consider these when making your next paint selections. They're a good place to start!

We hope this helps in your next design project. Let us know in the comments!

Have you used these colors?

Do you have a favorite paint color?

We'd love to hear!

Until next time,


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