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Design Tips: Decorating Your Home for the Fall Season

When it comes to decorating for the Fall, our designers look for ways to embrace the season in a subtle, chic way! So, bring on the cozy vibes and check out our 5 design tips for achieved that 'Autumn' look:

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Consider your color palette:

Our designers look to select colors that complement your existing space while adding Fall-inspired hues of warm oranges, rich browns, and earthy greens. You can mix in shades of burgundy, olive greens, mustard yellows too. These can be incorporated in accent throw pillows, rugs, and accessories. Then, we love to add in accents of brass, gold, or copper for a little an elegant metallic touch!

Add textures with cozy fabrics:

Amp up the Fall vibes with textured fabrics such as: velvets, wools, faux furs, and knits. We love to embellish spaces with comfy throws on a sofa or sectional, seasonal throw pillows and rugs that will still accent the room's existing overall design.

*Remember, these are seasonal, so don't be afraid to invest in quality pieces that will last for many years to come.

Swap you accessories:

Choose décor that makes you happy! Start by replacing your tablescape with pumpkins, candles, or a leafy Fall center piece; or swapping out artwork, pillows, and throws for a more 'Fall-inspired' look.

Our goal is to not compete with your existing home's design, but to complement it with your favorite seasonal pieces that are easy to move and story-away when the season is over.

Statement Centerpieces:

Create a chic focal point in your living area or dining room with a Fall-inspired centerpiece. We love to play with scale, depth, and dimension here by using various sizes and heights of vases, urns, and candles, and seasonal florals/greenery. It is also fun to opt for a 'Fall-minimalist' look by arranging of simple array of gourds, pumpkins, or candles along your table or a fireplace mantel.

Embrace natural elements:

Fall is all about the natural elements of nature! Lean into this seasonal style by adding in branches, Autumn leaves, acorns, and dried flowers to your floral arrangements, wreaths, and fillers for your vases, urns, decorative bowls, etc. It a great way to create a chic, minimalistic look with organic elements and neutral colors of nature.

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Have you started decorating yet? We hope these little tips of a Fall-inspired home help inspire you next holiday and seasonal décor. Let us know below which tip is your favorite!

Until next time, Happy Decorating!



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