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Commercial Project Reveal: Lynx F.B.O Network

At By Design Interiors, we specialize in residential interiors but when an opportunity to work on commercial projects arises - we are ready for the challenge!

This creative journey was a labor of love! It began about 3 years ago, when Senior Designer, Erika Barczak, received a request to work on a new project for a past client...however this time around it was for their aviation company, Lynx FBO's newest location in Aurora, Oregon.

So...What is an FBO?

"An FBO or Fixed - Base Operator, is a commercial business that operates right beside a public airport. They are a private company that provides aviation services such as fueling, aircraft storage, aircraft rentals, repairs, and maintenance. They often offer aviation training, lounging and catering for pilots as well." via Wikipedia

Lynx Commercial Airport Building - Exterior of Building

The Lynx FBO was redesigned from the ground up! Erika worked closely with the client and builders throughout a two years process. Together they conceptualized, designed, edited, drew...and redrew every floor/wall/ceiling. The Exterior was completely redesigned and constructed with mid-century modern in mind. The shape, style, materials, and colors were all selected after thorough research, drafts, drawings, and mockups. This attention to detail helped ensure every specification was durable and according to code - but still contemporary!

Lynx's exterior walls were constructed with amazing architectural wall-panels from Nichiha. These panels are composed of cement but given a refined wood-look finish for a durable yet modern design. It was perfect for the sleek and mid-century vibe of the FBO.

Erika then took on the furnishings and styled every detail - inside and out - of the entire building. The installation took about 2 - 1/2 days, with the help of Erika's husband, they unpackaged, built, placed furniture, hung art, and accessorized the entire project.

Resulting in a stunning final reveal!

Before and after image of the Lynx FBO Network. Interior Designer Erika Barczak, Commercial Interior Design, Aurora, Oregon Design , Airport Design

We are so excited to reveal this Contemporary F.B.O Project, check it out below -

This commercial build was an amazing journey, resulting in a modern, sleek, and satisfying result. Projects like these are what makes our jobs so fulfilling


P.S. If you're in need of a design upgrade - either residential or even commercial - visit us here! And Say Hello. We would love to work with you!

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