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Beauty + Function: Design Your Perfect Kitchen

We believe in 'form meets function.' When a home blends functionality, durability, and beauty into one seamless design. So, how do you achieve this?

That's where we come in!

Today, we're sharing a the essentials for a beautiful + functional kitchen .

1. Usability

It is the overarching factor within the design of your home - after all your kitchen can be stunning BUT it needs to be functional. So we ask questions:

Do you like to cook? Order out? Entertain? Do you have a large family? Young children?

The list goes on...we ask these question to understand how you will be using the space and what is most important to you. We then highlight these areas to create an efficient work-zone for you.

For example: If you love to cook and entertain - that becomes a focus! We work with you to create a more spacious cooking zone with higher-quality appliances with a larger range, sink and dishwasher. We discuss the layout for your kitchen too. Such as, is there room for two islands? or a secondary kitchen? (as seen below) These options are presented, discussed, and agreed upon for the most optimal floor plan.

2. Durability

The kitchen is the most frequented spaces in your home, so it needs to hold up! The tile and countertops selections heavily depend on how often you are using the space, and focusing on your goals for the kitchen will help in selecting the right materials. From marble, granite, quartz, or a durable porcelain - there are many gorgeous, yet easy-to-clean hard surfaces available to keep beauty at the forefront of every design, while not losing out on durability.

An example: This elegant River Oaks renovation is dressed in a gorgeous marble-look porcelain. This selection was made based off of the need for a high-functioning kitchen. Porcelain is more durable, affordable, and easier to maintain than some marble slabs with a similar look - thus it was the perfect solution! The end result is equally as stunning as marble, while respecting the homeowners' budget, busy lifestyle, and passion for cooking!

3. Beauty

We make sure it is beautiful! While durability and usability are key to a successful kitchen - those components are all nestled within an overall stunning design. The 'form' aspect focuses on how you want your kitchen to make you feel.

Take a look above!

Each kitchen has functional elements: such as ample storage space, custom cabinets, island seating, spacious countertops, or a large range and oven for cooking multiple dishes at once. These factors are essential for the homeowners daily living, yet every hard surface, tile, and selection was made with the beauty of design in mind.

So, whether you're building new or gearing up for a renovation, our designers make sure to thoroughly understand your needs, wants, and personal style to create a space that you will love working, living, and relaxing in daily.

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Until next time,



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