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Accessories: The Final Touch

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Design, down to the last detail. We've navigated the design process, selected the perfect furnishings, installed your dream home...What's next? Staging and Accessories!

This last step completes the overall look of your home. It's like adding that final piece of jewelry to a stunning new outfit! Accessories are little complements sprinkled throughout your home, filling the empty shelvings, adorning cocktail tables, dressing up walls, and garnishing countertops...elevating your new house into your HOME!

When it comes to placing accessories, it is not as easy as it may seem. These pieces should be purposeful, thoughtful, and balanced; so not to overpower or clutter up your new, well-designed home

So how to achieve this? We are sharing tips for a well-accessorized home.

1. Accent with color

Intermingle pops of color throughout bookcases, consoles and countertops. Adding colorful sculptures, books, vases, etc. is an easy, versatile way to brighten up a blank space.

We love how Erika added bursts of pink, blue, and yellow to this black and white office bookcase! It instantly livens up the room without the commitment that paint, fabrics, or large pieces of furniture bring.

2. Depth with Layers & Textures

When keeping to a monochromatic color palette, a great way to add depth and dimension is with thoughtfully paired, stacked, and layered pieces. Look for items with vary in heights, size and textures - such as smaller bowls, tall narrow vases or geometric sculptures. Mix in a juxtaposition of textures from smooth ceramics to coarse, natural elements like wood, greenery, woven, or wicker pieces.

A tip for a layered look - 'start with threes!' - stagger items in a cluster of three with various textures and sizes. This creates small focal points for each shelf. The groupings draw your eye in to the space. Then, mix in a larger vase, bowl or cake stand (etc!) to fill spaces in between!

Check these styled bookcases below:

Lead designer, Jenni Warsitz, incorporated new and existing pieces in this dining room built-in. Using the 'rule of three', she mixed wood with glass, ceramics, and touches of greenery to create this earth-toned modern farmhouse look.

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This greyscale bookcase, designed by Ayca Stiffel, is adorned with edgy, natural and organic pieces. The contrast of wood, iron, brass, and ceramics pop against the smokey grey custom shelves. Antique books are incorporated for added height.

Check out the accessories throughout Erika Barczak's Friendswood custom home. Its neutral color palette is accented with layers of books, vases, foliage, and pops of color.

3. Leave empty space

Accessories are meant to complement an already stunning design. Thus, remember to leave some empty space between groupings to avoid clutter and give room for your pretty pieces to breath.

Below, Erika styled these custom bookcases so each shelf has a bit of empty space. The mix of color, texture, and groupings let your eye wander freely from shelf to shelf. It results in a harmonious overall design!

The Final Touch!

There is such beauty in the fine details. Accessories allow us to find the perfect decorative pieces that will compliment, flow, and garnish your already stunning home. We hope these little tips have inspired you to rearrange your shelves, add a vase or two to your countertops, and let your personality flow throughout your home!

Just remember - color, texture, layers, and empty space!


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Membro desconhecido
04 de out. de 2021

Accessorizing is so fun.... but also sometimes a huge challenge! Sometimes I'll style a shelf and then realize it would look better on a different shelf.... :)

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