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2020 Thanksgiving, How to Celebrate.

By now, we have accepted that the holidays this year are not happening as planned. The traditional way of gathering and feasting with family and friends is having to be tweaked a bit, making safety accommodations to prevent any further spread of COVID-19.

So what can we expect for Thanksgiving this year? Well, that we'll make the best of it!

Here are some alternative ways to still celebrate Thanksgiving and all the joys of Fall the holiday this year.

1. Go Virtual.

I know. We are all tired of Zoom calls and FaceTimes...but hey, by now we are all pros right? The most recommended (and safest) way to celebrate this year is to keep it within the households and immediate family. Even if that means scaling down your Thanksgiving feast, and calling all of your family and friends who traditionally gather with you on this day.

This isn't ideal...but it is a good alternative to still be able to catch up and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

2. Take it outside!

Weather permitting, take your feast outdoors to the back patio or larger indoor/outdoor living areas to gather with your family. It's safer and allows for a tad larger gathering than what's acceptable indoors.

Here are some ways to keep things COVID proof:

- Set up multiple tables with limited seating

- Alternate serving times, letting the elderly or more susceptible get food first

- Wear masks when greeting each other and limit contact (I know, we all want to hug hello...but, not this year)

- Use disposable silverware, cups, plates, and napkins

3. Still be festive!

The biggest way to stay in the holiday spirit is to still decorate your home. It's proven - A festive home is a happy home and a great distraction from the negativities in the world. So set out your traditional Thanksgiving china, create a fall-themed tablescape, and pull out your harvest decor. Make it elegant, inviting, and beautiful...even if it's just for yourself!

Lastly, if you do decide to gather 'normally' keep it small, be cautious, wear masks, and social distance!

We are all doing our best this season to maintain the Holiday Spirit. This has been a difficult year, but take time and reflect on the meaning of the Thanksgiving holiday. Remember all the things we are thankful for!

We are all wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. Stay positive, stay safe, and eat turkey!


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