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10 things to consider when planning for your dream kitchen renovation project in Houston

Updated: May 27, 2020

Have you been thinking about making that dream kitchen come to life in 2019?

Homeowners invest the most in kitchen remodeling than any other home improvement project. This is all with good reason due to how often we use the space and the return on investment/increase in home value.

We want to share some of our favorite kitchen projects today, also to help you think ahead of the project. The following are important factors to consider before you start the kitchen renovation.

  1. Do you have a detailed drawing of your current kitchen layout?

  2. Wish list of what you are trying to achieve: More storage? Better flow of the space?

  3. Ideas: Photos of kitchen styles that make your heart go BOOM, products/appliances you’d like to incorporate. What you like/dislike about the current space.

  4. How many cooks are usually in the kitchen?

  5. How often do you use the space? How do you use it? (Daily, weekly meal prep, entertaining)

  6. Who else spends time here? What do they usually do? (Commend Center, homework, etc)

  7. What luxury/the most important item would you like to include

  8. Do you have particular “zones”? (Prep station, cooking area, storage, clean up, etc)

  9. Give yourself some room to breathe (Budget and time frame). Include ab extra 15 to 20% safety cushion into your timeline and budget, just in case of the unexpected.

  10. Quality! Always get the best you can afford.

Interior Designers are your best bet when it comes to making that dream kitchen come true without being pulled in all kinds of uncharted territories. By Design Interiors can help you with space planning, style decisions, avoid potential issues/costly mistakes. We work closely with contractors that are pros in the industry and trustworthy.

Want to see more of our works? Head onto “PORTFOLIO” for design inspirations. If you like what you see, follow us on Instagram for more interior design ideas!

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