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Working From Home: The Survival Guide

Updated: May 29, 2020

We are headed into Week 2 of the ‘Stay Home’ Order. Are you going stir crazy yet?

Here are a few reminders to maintain productivity while we continue to work from home.

Designate your office space. Whether you have a home office, claiming the dining room table or assembled a makeshift a desk from a pull-out table. Make sure your work area is quiet & away from distractions.

Create a routine & to-do list. Having a set time to get up, shower, get dressed and prep for the day keeps you on a schedule. This structure will help you focus and avoid the temptations of being lazy at home

Get up and Move! Stand up, stretch, do some quick jumping jacks – just get the blood flowing. These little ‘mental breaks’ will help keep you focused and avoid the working-from-home slump

Go Outside. Spend time outdoors – take a morning walk, backyard lunch break or move your office to the patio. Change your scenery and soak up some Vitamin D!

Breath! Try not to let the stress of work overflow to your home life, or vice versa. Set your working hours and keep to them.

Remember to take each day as it comes! This is uncharted territory for us all.

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