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Updated Traditional Home Renovation in Houston

Updated: May 26, 2020

Our designers are working hard this year! Multiple projects have been completed or are in the process of completion, we are so thrilled to share a home remodeling project by Erika today.

A little back story:

This home is so far removed from how it originally looked when the homeowners purchased it several years ago. Each space was closed off with dark walls and ceilings, insufficient lighting, and few windows.

“I feel so depressed in this space” the wife said during her first interview with Erika. “I need light!”

After removing several walls, adding large expansive picture windows, new lighting, and fresh colors, even before the furnishings arrived, the space was dramatically uplifted. Light floods through the giant windows showing off a gorgeous outdoor landscape and pool.

New furnishings mixed with some existing items define each space and add fun pops of fresh happy colors. We hope you enjoy the photos!

Dining Room. Mixing the style of the chairs make this area very visually interesting.

Game room set up to accommodate multiple grand babies.

Kitchen with very interesting duo toned cabinets/island.

Close up of the range area.

Close up of Living Room

Another angle of the TV Room, the large scale windows bring tons of natural lights in.

TV Room, look at all that open space!

To see more of traditional home design inspirations, check out By Design Interiors’ HOUZZ portfolio by clicking on the logo below. Thank you for dropping by!

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