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Luxury whole home design with eclectic details in Houston

Updated: May 24, 2020

If you ever had a chance to browse through our vast portfolio images, you would notice that there are many types of interior styles. At By Design Interiors, we never force our own preferences on the clients. Instead, we ask good questions and listen carefully, then come up with an action plan. This is why each home differs dramatically from the next.

Today we are sharing our latest whole home portfolio from senior designer Erika. She had the opportunity to design this magnificent, charming home just outside of Houston, TX. Starting with the floor plans all the way to placing the last accessory. The home is warm and welcoming with the perfect mix of traditional elegance, treasured lifelong memories, organic elements, and an eclectic spirit. While every room has its distinct personality inspired by her lovely clients’ well-traveled life together, the entire home flows together gracefully.

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