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It’s almost 2017, time to rethink your colors!

Updated: May 24, 2020

Hello lovelies, we hope you are enjoying this very warm holiday season! We know it doesn’t feel much like Winter, but the Fall leaves that are popping up all around town are quite stunning, and we will take what we can get!

Speaking of colors, have you heard the official Pantone color of the year 2017 is “GREENERY”?

Yes, it’s definitely an eye-opener, in fact, jokesters from Twittersphere have been making some not so kind comments about the color. Comparing it to guacamole and Kermit the frog! We actually think it’s a refreshing change from 2016’s Rose Quartz, it’s daring and different, pairing with the right design elements, GREENERY can really make your room pop.

Now of course Pantone does not dictate the paint colors of 2017. We found these pallets from Behr’s website, they are good indicators of the trend when it comes to interior design, and we really like where things are heading.

Do let us know if you are ready to refresh your home, take a look at our Pinterest boards for ideas, we can’t wait to help bring your vision to reality in the new year!

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