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Houston Multi-Generational Home Design

Updated: May 24, 2020

It’s 2018, and how we see the term “family” has evolved in a big way. The younger generation is getting married later, while the older generation’s living a longer and healthier lifestyle. It’s time to rethink what works best when it comes to our living spaces.

More and more builders within the Houston area are starting to offer homes that support Multi-Generational Living. Here are seven good reasons why:

1. A stronger relationship between generations 2. Easy Access to family members 3. Shared expenses 4. Pool money together for a larger and more comfortable property 5. Chore Sharing 6. Keep an eye on aging parents 7. Grandparents can assist with child care

Take a look at the photos below of one of the homes we designed to accommodate 3 generations under one roof. The space planning and layout have helped this family transition into the new lifestyle seamlessly.

To see more interior design ideas, check out our portfolio by clicking on the logo below:

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