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Updated: May 24, 2020

It’s that time of the year again! Yes, it’s time for our designers’ favorite trip to High Point Market! There are so many great finds; we have to split all the photos into two blog posts. Sit back and enjoy, we look forward to incorporating all we’ve learned on this trip into our clients’ homes in the near future.

Check out the texture of this beautiful artwork.

Designer Chloe modeled in front of this beautiful collection of floral art. The dark background gave off a serious vibe, we think her smile balanced everything perfectly.




Senior Designer Ashton made this beautiful feminine pink chair even more striking!


The Floral centerpiece adds a soft touch to the geometric shapes of the artwork. The colors of the shapes blend perfectly with the comfortable oversized sofa.

No flowers here, though a great message!

Special shout out to our senior designer Erika for all the fun photos!

We noticed lots of florals throughout the exhibits, notice each photo gives off a different feel.

Come back next week for more of our High Point Market finds! Also if you want to see what we are up to on a more frequent basis, follow By Design Interiors on Instagram, just click on the logo below and hit the “follow” button. See you soon!

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