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Designer Insight: What's New in 2021

Updated: Feb 10

We are well into 2021, so what's changed? What's back? What's new for interior design this year?

Today, our designers are giving a glimpse into what they've spotted as new (or renewed) trends for 2021. The year has just begun and it is always interesting to see what's trending across our latest design projects - check out what we've noticed thus far!

1. Light Stained Wood:

"Stained wood is coming back! My clients have been loving this fresh look lately. Our flooring and paint selections have become lighter and fresher. We are pairing these lighter stained woods with neutral, lighter walls. This combination makes the home feel airy but still very comfy, cozy, and inviting." - Erika, Senior Interior Designer

The projects above are by Peggy Fuller, Owner, Founder & Principal Designer.

2. Colored Cabinets:

"I'm seeing more and more colored cabinets! It's a bit of a continuation from 2020...but still fabulous! A pop of color isn't just seen on kitchen islands anymore. I've seen more color pop up in bathrooms, pantries, and even in white kitchens. It's a fun way to add in a touch of personality or a fun, favorite color without the full-on commitment to painting an entire room." - Erika, Senior Interior Designer

3. Monochromatic Neutrals + Texture:

"As fun as color is, I have seen a rise in monochromatic neutral color palettes. It's elevated by adding depth with textures and patterns vs. a bold pop of color. I've actually had 2 projects recently with no color...it is all neutrals with very very rich textures!"

- Erika, Senior Interior Designer

Willow Creek Contemporary project by Ayca Stiffel, Senior Designer.

4. Creating Warm Interiors:

"Neutrals are popular so far in 2021. I have noticed many clients are leaning towards these warm, natural colors. It could be that we are all seeking more safe, cozy environments. The mono-tone palettes are a beautiful way to bring in a sense of warmth and security into our homes. It's very peaceful!" - Ashton, Senior Interior Designer

What's up in Austin:

A little westward, Lead Designer, Isabel Sarria, is sharing some insights into the Austin design world!

1. Mid-Century + Natural Materials

"I've noticed the furniture selections here have a mid-century flair. They are streamlined but are often paired with natural materials such as cane, rattan furniture, and light wood tones. I love cane - So it's been great seeing it pop up more and more around Austin!"

Cane console image via West Elm.

"I've also noticed a lot of Mid-Century inspired vanities around Austin. Designed with sleek wood-grain or color-blocked flat front panels. They are often paired with goal accents and simple hardware." - Isabel Sarria, Lead Interior Designer

Austin bathroom Inspo images via Etch Design Group

2. Accent Walls - Tile & Wallpaper!

"Many clients are wanting a bold feature wall in their homes! I've been seeing many funky tile patterns or bold wall-coverings lately. It really makes a statement! This has become common among Austin homes. It's a fun way to shows off the lively personalities throughout this diverse city!"- Isabel Sarria, Lead Interior Designer

Austin bathroom Inspo images via Redfin.

3. Light Colorful Contrast

"The stark, bright whites are still hanging around, but they are being paired with pops of colors along walls, railings, and doors. This contrasting hue brings a unique aspect to your home, letting in a pop of personality. It's a very 'Austin' thing!"

- Isabel Sarria, Lead Interior Designer

This is just the beginning!

Our design team is excited to see what else 2021 will bring to the design world. From Houston to Austin: design is constantly evolving! We are here to keep you updated on the latest trends for your home.

Which of these trends are you on board with? Have you noticed these as well?

Comment below and let us know your thoughts!


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