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Crypton – The Interior Design Super Fabric!

Updated: May 24, 2020

Back in the day, the “plastic furniture cover phenomenon” was all the rage, some families encasing entire formal living rooms in the stuff! Well, thankfully modern-day fabrics have come along to save us all, none more impressive than Crypton! Crypton was invented as the consumer demand rose for a performance fabric that acted like a plastic cover but didn’t feel like plastic. This miracle fabric has had much success in the commercial industry but with recent advances in technology, Crypton fabrics have been introduced into the world of luxury interiors with softer than ever fabrics!

Instead of merely treating the surface, the repellant qualities of Crypton fabrics are inherent in every fiber of its weave, acting as a moisture barrier while still allowing air to pass through the fabric! Stains such as red wine, ink, nail polish, dirt, and grime lift right up! Even chocolate-covered fingers and muddy pet paws are no match for Crypton! If that is not exciting enough, the treatment also helps the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, mildew, and mold!

We were thrilled to see Crypton fabrics showing up all over High Point Market in some of our favorite showrooms such as Thibaut!

(Thibaut – High Point Market) and Century!

(Century – High Point Market) Many high-end fabric designers that By Design Interiors carries, have gotten in on the growing trend towards performance fabrics, that make the home so much more livable such as these beautiful transitional fabrics from Robert Allen.

(Robert Allen) Imagine using rich, supple velvet in your home with no worries!

JF Fabrics) These modern fabrics are playful and colorful!

(Duralee Fabrics) No odor, no stains, no mess, gorgeous designs, and softness?? – Crypton fabrics will become your new best friend! Happy Designing – By Design Interiors Houston

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