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Cowgirl Renovation – Winner of GHBA’s Houston’s Best Prism Award for Whole Home Renovation

Updated: May 29, 2020

After raising their family on this beautiful plot of land, our clients decided that they wanted an upgrade! They searched for several years, but could not find a suitable location and property to recreate something better than what they already had.

In order to achieve their design goals, the current home went through an extensive addition and renovation focusing on the common areas and master suite. Without losing the home’s character, the clients wanted to modernize and update their floor plan, square footage, fixtures, and finishes. Design, construction, and furnishings lasted one year, and the results are astonishing!

Check it out below:

Exterior: BEFORE

Exterior: AFTER

Living room: BEFORE

Living room: AFTER

Bathroom: BEFORE

Bathroom: AFTER

Foyer: AFTER

Living room: AFTER

Family Room: AFTER

Kitchen: AFTER

Kitchen: AFTER

Powder Room: AFTER


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