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A Tip for the Holiday Season!

Updated: Sep 20

The holidays are here, can you believe it?! We certainly can't. Alas, we have said bye to the Halloween décor and are ready for the warm, cozy Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities. Over the years, these holidays have become closely tied to each other (If you have your lights up already -- we're looking at you!). So, we have found that 'simple is better' when it comes to decorating your dining room for the holidays.


We asked our Holiday guru, Senior Designer, Ashton Joseph, what's her go-to design tip for the holidays?

She answered: "Be festive, but make it easy!"

She practices this decorating method, stating "over the last decade Thanksgiving has often become intertwined with Christmas. Thus, it is nice to opt for more flexible tablespace décor such as: decorative vases, trays, candle holders, and lanterns. These 'basics' can be utilized for the entire holiday season."

"I love to focus on the accents, by switching out the 'fillers'. For example, changing out the Fall leaves, neutrals, and pumpkins of Thanksgiving with more festive greens, reds, sparkling ornaments, and winter candles for Christmas. It keeps things simple!"


This design tip makes life a bit easier. The holidays are a busy time of year, so a quick swap of Autumn leaves for the glitz of silver bells and tinsel is one less thing to stress about!

"Make it beautiful, get creative, but keep it simple. That's my favorite advice for the holidays." says, Ashton. "...Oh, and fresh flowers the day guest arrive is a MUST."


Do you think you'll be practicing this art of simple, easy, and festive for your dining room table?

Let us know in the comments & tag us on Instagram. We'd love to see your holiday tablespaces!

Happy Holidays!


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