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5 Helpful Holiday Tips: Decorating Your Home

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

We love this time of year. The trees, lights, ornaments, smells of gingerbread and cinnamon...and of course, the decorating! As designers, we feel holiday decor needs to be beautiful, yet cohesive with your home's current design. Your decorations should embody the joys of the holidays while adding to your home's beauty, rather than distracting from it with extra cords, hooks, and the inflood of Santas, snowmen, and tinsel. Think tasteful and festive!

With that in mind, Senior Designer, Ashton Joseph, is sharing her 5 tips for decorating your home for the holidays.

1. Go Cordless

All the extra wires and cords from your lights and decor can be an eye-sore. Distracting from your pretty decorations and take up unwanted space. Plus, if you don't have enough outlets...who wants extension cords laying around (big trip hazard!). Thus, battery operated lights are my go-to! No cords, easy to use, and less bulky. I recommend this alternative.

2. No Mantle for Stockings?

The frameless, modern fireplaces are very popular right now. They are stunning, but when the holidays come around...where do you hang your stockings? Well aside from cutting off Santa's grand entrance, having no mantle is no problem. I recommend a stocking holder! You can place this rack in front of your fireplace - and Voila! - there no need to put another nail in your walls to hang stockings.

3. Keeping on a Budget

The holidays come around once a year, so spending a lofty amount on decorations may not be reasonable right now (especially in these covid times). So, if you're on a budget, I recommend using existing vases, platters, and bowls for your holiday foliage. Just substitute your current florals, greenery, and branches with seasonal pieces. It keeps it cozy and festive without spending tons of extra cash.

4. Hanging Garland

I've figured out a solution for hanging garland 'just right' along your stair railings. Zip Ties. They are inexpensive, easy to install and remove without damaging your railings.

5. Get a Fuller Tree

When unpacking and sprucing up your Christmas tree and winter greenery - move the wires up and out. This gives them a fuller look!

Have you started decorating yet? We hope these tips will help make your decorating endeavors a little easier and cost-effective. Now, let's get festive and enjoy this wonderful time of year!

Happy Holidays!


P.S. Let us know which tip was your fave: Comment Below!

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