Windows, Windows, Windows!

Windows, Windows, Windows!

No matter what type of home, whether it is a mega mansion or a ranch style, you have windows; unless you have a post-apocalyptic, zombie proof, safe house. With so many styles, designs, and ideas out there it can be hard to know what kind of treatments to use for your windows.

Well this week have no fear, we are going to share a few industry tips and tidbits about how to create the perfect window treatment for you!

One of the most common reasons clients hold off on purchasing window treatments is that they are afraid to block their gorgeous view, especially if their windows overlook an exquisite back yard!

Top it
– Or if drapery panels are not your thing, a window valance is an excellent way to dress up your window without distracting from your breathtaking view. Whether your style is formal or casual, valances work for almost any window.


A good rule of thumb is to have your valance be about 18”-24” tall, and to mount it about 6” -8” above your window.

Frame it
– Of if valance are not your thing, an 18”-24” panel is all you need to soften up your window, and give your picturesque view a beautifully unique frame. Simple stationary panels are a great way to add some softness to the hard surfaces of a room, and they add a bit of coziness too!


-Six inch rule.
While this can vary most designers agree that you should always hang your curtain rod higher over the window. As a general rule of thumb our designers like to place drapery rods at least 6” above the window frame, if not more. This will make your windows look taller, and the added vertical element of the longer panels will make your ceiling look taller as well.


Also make sure that your curtain rod extends at least 6” on both sides of the window as well. Not being able to see the edges of the window frame gives the illusion that the window is bigger than it is.

This tip is also true for valances!

-Barely on the floor. Drapery panel length comes down to personal preference. Very traditional and formal window treatments might call for the puddle effect where the curtains puddle on the floor, while more modern treatments might call for the panels to barely touch the floor.



While the debate goes on which is better, all experts can agree you do NOT want to go too short with your window drapery panels! When designing your curtain panels, make that they are long enough to hang no more the ½”-1” off of your floor. Any shorter and it will make the vertical element the curtains provide look cut off, and will cheapen the look.

So no matter what your style is our expert designers can create the perfect custom look for you!

Happy Designing – By Design Interiors, Inc.

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