Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes with our Interior Designers

Come with us to explore the life of an Interior Designer at By Design Interiors!

Our latest photo shoot wasn't always serious.

Getting Dirt on the Job

Often work as an Interior Design is not glamorous and can be a bit messy at times.  In these pictures, owner of By Design Interiors, Peggy Fuller, and her assistant, Joanne Giannaris are working on staging an employee lounge in a commercial building.  

Before the treasured fish could be hung up, it had to be cleaned.  Someone had to do it.

Continuing Education

In order to provide our clients with the best possible end product, their "One of a Kind" dream home, it is critical for us to continue educating ourselves.  Whether that be through...

Weekly Meetings
High Point Market


Pictured above (on the right) is some of our fabulous designers at the Spring 2013 Marketgaining inspiration at the Hickory Chair Showroom from designer Alexa Hampton.

We also educated ourselves in other ways like classes, educational events, marketing, etc.

Life as a Designer

There is a LOT that goes on behind the scenes at By Design Interiors that most people don't ever get to see or even know about.  At any point during the day you may find our designers...

Knee deep in fabric or on a REALLY tall latter hanging draperies

Moving furniture or uncrating HUGE light fixtures in their dress clothes...

And often you will find us at our desk buried in paperwork, phone calls, and samples...oh SO MANY samples

On-site space planning for the times when you need the furniture to fit just right!